St. Hugh's Past Students' Association


Distinguished Past Students

Since 1984, the Executive Body of the PSA has selected a past student to honour who is excelling in her field and also making her contributions to the development of our alma mater. Below are the recipients from the inception to present.

2014 The Very Reverend Jean Fairweather Wilson, Religion
2013 Mrs Judith Maloney, OD Public Service
2012 Dr Barbara Noel, Medicine
2011 Dr Leith Dunn, Gender and Development
2010 Dr Janice Palmer Tomlinson, Dentistry
2009 Paula Llewellyn,CD, QC Public Prosecution
2008 Dr. Christine Marrett, Distance Education
2007 Dr. Marion Bullock Ducasse,
Public Health
2006 Ms. Dorraine Samuels, OD Broadcasting
2005 Ms. Allison Marshalleck Sinclair, Ceramic Artist
2004 Ms. Joy Simons Brown, Music
2003 Ms. Sandra Glasgow, Entrepreneurial Development

2002 The Award was suspended in order to recognize Five Ladies In Academia:

- Prof. Celia Christie-Samuels
- Dr. Carolyn Cooper-Gutzmore
- Dr. Fay Durrant Payne
- Dr. Carrol Ann Howell-White
- Dr. Helen Jacobs

2001 Ms. Sandra Shirley, Financial Services
2000 Ms. Patsy Mair, Women's Affairs
1999 Ms. Marcia Cover Stewart, Education
1998 Ms. Gloria Rowena Smith, Law
1997 Ms. Barbara Chevannes, Librarianship
1996 Ms. Nancy Mclean, Hospitality Management
1995 Mrs. Thelma Campbell, Social Work
1994 Ms. Lorna Goodison, Literature
1993 Ms. Karen Smith, OD Entertainment
1992 Ms. Fae Ellington, OD Broadcasting
1991 Ms. Sonia Martin, Civil Service
1990 Ms. Janet Johnson, Sports
1989 Ms. Lilieth Nelson, The Arts
1988 Mrs. Daisy Coke, OD Actuarial Science
1987 Mrs. Ena Collymore-Woodstock, Law
1986 Mrs. Fay Saunders, Education
1985 Mrs. Carolle Guntley-Brady, Tourism
1984 Dr. Beverly Barnett, Medicine